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Oct. 27th, 2011

Since my LJ is basically defunct, I feel ok saying this here.

Looking through my boyfriend's profile pictures is dangerous for me. Too much HNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGHHHH
My heart my heart.
Fuck why is he so cute. My heeaaaaarrrrrttttt


Is anyone on my FL going and
Do any of you guys have space for one more in their hotel room? Hookups would be appreciated too. Just exploring options now, see who I know and stuff :Y 
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Not a lot of new stuff, honestly. Mostly just polished up some stuff from last year to make them more presentable.
Two days.
Sakuracon was fun and profitable~
Mostly just stayed at my table all day so I don't have many shenanigans to report. Guess I'm getting kind of old/tired of this haha. But I did get to see some middle school friends which was radical and definitely worth the trip up to seattle. By the way, the city is fucking gorgeous. I have half a mind to live there a little bit. Maybe in the future and if I can get a temporary job up there somehow. Ahhhhh right next to a baaaaaay I don't even care if it isn't always sunny it's really pretty up there!  

As someoneJanetwill probably be able to testify, I spent a majority of my weekend selling shit and texting my boyfriend like a lot hehehehehehe. And that was basically my weekend. Made a butt load of money. Now I can finally buy some of the shiny things I've wanted to buy for so looooong. Namely a DS and Pokemon Black or White. Yeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~ So excite!!!!!!111

School's almost over yessssssss
SakuraCon is pretty cool.

But mostly I've just been swapping incredibly schmoopy texts with my boyfriend.
Like holding my cellphone will probably give you diabetes, so I wouldn't if I were you.

Broke even yesterday, I think. If I do well today omg I might be able to get a 3DS or something EEEE~ But it's probably better to spend that money on a new camera since I broke my family's. ._____________________.
I have a new obsession.

It's called talking to and hanging out with friends irl

Suddenly, all of the chans and deviantarts and tumblrs are just not that interesting anymore.

But I've been using facebook copiously.

Can't help that my bros are just the most motherfucking sexiest people in the world and I can't get enough of them.

I doodled a drawing of him today and he also coincidentally drew a picture of me. That's a little uncanny, hahaha.


Super Asian Party Take II on Monday. We're gonna lay out some motherfucking bamboo carpet fire up the grill and drink cheap Asian beer and it's going to be SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME. I'm personally hoping for more cuddling and maybe we'll all go up to the roof and drink and romantically watch the sun set over the eclectic city that we live in. I can only hope.

The remainder of this semester is shaping up to be an awesome one.  I could say that I regret not going out and finding more things like this to do earlier in my college career, but it's better to have partied hard than to never have partied at all.

I am just really content right now and it's pretty much the most satisfying feeling. Maybe my dream of living in a city in an apartment with a bunch of cool twenty-somethings while having a day job and pursuing some creative endeavors and making love and partying every so often just to come home and reflect on life and other things may come true after all.